Realize a full carbon frame for Old Vitus Carbon 9 frame

2015/08/9 ENGLISH

Realize a full carbon frame for Old Vitus Carbon 9 frame

I would realize my old carbon 9 Vitus to be a full carbon frame & fork.

This bicycle reflects my current ethos with regard to road bike.
–It is horizontal shape and keep classic type of flat stem and end bended fork;
–It is completely reliably and safely for ride:
So one big concerned that Dural 979 Vitus fork is not enough stiffness when going down after
Mt. Fuji hill climb.


There are almost disappeared 1 inch front carbon fork in the market since
oversize Head tube become mainstream.
I took delivery of a brand new fork as 1 inch thread less, ITA, carbon fork

Side and shoulder shape would be perfectly harmonized 1 Inch Head tube.


Replace the Thread type 1 inch head set instead of Thread less type.


I might have color choice BLK or Silver in the catalogue.
My choice is definitely Silver color.


Press the crown race into the fork, Cut the steer tube in carefully.


Optimize the stack height, keep the bike good form before cut.


I also realized that 1 inch post clamp stem is also disappeared in the market.
And clump is must be 25.4mm or 26.0mm for using my old Giro de Italia handle bar and
harmonized classical looks even A head non thread stem.( I do not like a Shim adjustment
which looks bicycle ugly.


So I should install collar into the fork steer tube to be 1-1/8.

Finally, completed the full carbon Vitus 9


Spec.:Front fork : OnebyESU  model : OBS-R101 Road monocoque structure fork
                                 offset 45 Degree, 1 inch Italian , thread less, 700C
Stem : Dixna model: S-shape 26 stem silver 1-1/8 inch, 100mm, 75degree.
   Head set: Tange model :TG32RDC 1 inch ( ITA ) thread less, Silver.
         Collar : Dixna  Ahead stem 1 inch collar ( 2 pcs )